Waterproofing the Foundation Plant Services building

August 24, 2018

Water penetration and disintegrating stucco is no longer a problem at the Foundation Plant Services building thanks to deferred maintenance funding and a dedicated Facilities Management team.

Sheet metal workers, painters, and carpenters worked closely for about 3 months to complete the project that started with the temporary relocation of the building’s iconic rose bushes while construction took place. They then got to work with on the intense process of stucco demolition, which involves chipping away at the crumbling stucco and prying off the wire mesh behind it.

Made for the shade: School of Education gets a pergola upgrade

July 20, 2018
School of Education gets a pergola upgrade courtesy of deferred maintenance funding. The updated pergola is structurally sound, has a long lasting exterior stain, and 500 new aluminum slats that come with a lifetime warranty and a guarantee not to fade.

Room with a view: Tupper Hall railing replacement

March 29, 2018
This spring 2018, Tupper Hall, home to approximately 24 different departments in the School of Medicine and the School of Veterinary Medicine, is the site of a project to replace the rotting guardrails that line every side of the building from top to bottom.

Roofing Projects Across Campus

July 01, 2016
They repair and maintain roofs and gutters out in the baking heat and then search for often tiny cracks through which water can leak during winter rains – it isn’t easy being a roofer.

Kemper Hall Gets Fire-Ready

May 01, 2016
A deferred maintenance project to upgrade the gas detection and alarm system in Kemper Hall is underway, with the fire alarm crew taking the lead.

Cool Roof for Academic Surge

April 01, 2016
The Building Maintenance Services roofing crew just wrapped up maintenance on the 64,000 square feet of roofing atop Academic Surge.

BMS Going to the Dogs!

January 01, 2016
Out at the ARS facility kennels, the upper and lower plexiglass panels shielding the dogs from the elements were in rough shape.

Keeping First Responders Cool

October 01, 2015
The UC Davis Police and Fire departments just received three new air handling units (AHU) as part of FM’s Deferred Maintenance program.

Center for Neuroscience Now a Whole Lot Cooler

September 01, 2015
Building Maintenance Services made great use of some deferred maintenance funding when our Mechanical HVAC shop completed its installation of 11 air handling units (AHU) at the Center for Neuroscience in late July.