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The UC Davis deferred maintenance blog page provides more information about specific projects supported by DM funding. Not every DM project project has a corresponding blog article. These blog posts can be filtered by the categories listed on the right. These categories are the same as those found in the Deferred Maintenance Project Plan

Keeping First Responders Cool

October 01, 2015
The UC Davis Police and Fire departments just received three new air handling units (AHU) as part of FM’s Deferred Maintenance program.

Center for Neuroscience Now a Whole Lot Cooler

September 01, 2015
Building Maintenance Services made great use of some deferred maintenance funding when our Mechanical HVAC shop completed its installation of 11 air handling units (AHU) at the Center for Neuroscience in late July.

Classroom Summer Makeovers

August 27, 2015
Olson Hall classrooms are being updated floor to ceiling with fresh paint, lighting upgrades, new flooring, updated window coverings, and the latest in audio/video equipment.